Baby Fair 14 October – 16 October 2016

Baby Fair 14 October – 16 October 2016

Babies are such a dear and always need tender loving care. Safety for your baby is always everyone’s priority.

BIGBOX is proud to share the burden off your shoulders, assisting you with capable tools that ease your worries.

Promotion starts on 14 October 2016 till 16 October 2016. Come down to BIGBOX level 1 and check out all you need for your baby or get an awesome gift for your friends’ addition to their family.

While Driving…

“From 1 January 2012, age will no longer be used as a criterion to determine if child restraints or booster seats are required. Anyone below the height of 1.35m will be required to be secured with a child restraint appropriate for a person of that height and weight, use a booster seat to supplement the seat belt or an adjustable seat belt. Those with a height of 1.35m and above, irrespective of their age, will be required to wear a seat belt.”

Therefore to reinforce the safety of your child, a reliable seat is always preferred.

Combi Coccoro UB


This reliable stylish car seat is suitable for babies below 18kg. With the compact design, it is ultra light weight as well, which makes it easier to be kept away when not in use. With a 3 fixed-point safety belt, reassure your precious baby is safely guarded by the Coccoro UB.

Comes in two fun colors: Presso Brown and Mystic Purple.

While Strolling …

Carrying your baby while going for a night walk or shopping can be real tiring. Especially if you are travelling alone. You tired your arms out and they feel sore even after a mere few hours of carrying.

Here’s a featured stroller we have chosen to share with you!

Combi Stroller F2 Plus


The usual characteristics of a stroller can be quite mundane. As long as there is a stable bottom to ensure my baby doesn’t topple when strolling. But here’s what Combi Stroller F2 Plus has to offer.

With a 165 degree recliner seat, your baby can sit or lay comfortably at the angle that is most suited for babies. It has also a high seat to ensure that your baby is not too close to the ground. Embellished in complete mesh seat, it’s soft and comfortable for baby to stay in.

In addition, super light weight is one of its featured points too. Weighing at 4.1kg, the wheels do not lose out to others. The shock absorbing structure is just great for strollers, your baby will not feel bumpy on the journey out.

The most noteworthy feature would be the canopy. The canopy is with a mesh window so you can check on your baby even when pushing the stroller. It has the ability to reflect 99% of ultra violet ray in the sunlight as well!

So what are you waiting for? The strollers come in 5 different colors to take your pick!

At Level 1, BIGBOX, we have a baby fair which has other quality products with great prices. Take advantage of this great deal this weekend.

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