The Biggest Bike Roadshow

The Biggest Bike Roadshow

Bicycles at Big Box start as low as $99. Purchase your bike online today and we will deliver it for FREE! Only at Big Box Website!

In cooperation with leading distributors of bicycles, we have recently expanded our collection of road bikes, cruisers, city bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, race bikes and kids bikes to over 500 different bicycles. Notable brands such as  Valo bikes, Cronus bikes, Airwalk bike, Tropix bikes, Viva bikes, Tula road bikes, Zycom kids scooter are available for your picking.

Want to try a bike before you buy? Of course! And at Big Box, the largest warehouse retailer in the West of Singapore we have lots of space for you to make a test ride, both indoors and outdoors. Our Bicycle Experts are ready to answer all questions you might have and help you to make a good choice.

Apart from our bikes and scooters, we have bikes accessories and gears too. From helmets, security alarms, water bottles and much more! All you need to make your trips great, whether it’s a daily commute or a round-the-island road challenge.

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Want to know more what type of bikes to choose? Read all about it here

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