Choosing Your Ride

Choosing Your Ride

There might have been a huge range of bicycles you need to read up on before you finally decide on what bicycle to get. Remember to keep in mind your preference and you will be able to choose your ideal bicycle at the end of this article.

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Road Bike

They have fine frame usually aluminium or carbon, with steel and titanium used in niche models, thin wheels which are not robust so they use fewer spokes than mountain bike hoops. Aerodynamics are important, so the rims are sometimes deeper, drop or flat handlebars. Relatively light as they are designed for speed. Only meant for use on paved streets, they are too fragile for potholed roads.

Touring Bike

Ideal for long distances. Designed for load carrying, the touring bikes are stronger than racing bikes or also known as road bikes. Their frames and forks are sturdier as a comparison to others. The riding position is more upright than a racing bike to prevent back fatigues and aches. Brakes are usually stronger to provide more stopping power.

City & Hybrid Bike

Common and often also known as ‘commute’ or ‘urban’ bikes. Usually used for riding around the neighbourhood. Its characteristics would be its frames are sturdy to absorb bumps on the roads, but not as sturdy as touring bike as it has to be light for easy manoeuvring around.

Cruiser Bike

An easy ride of the bike world. Usually with only one gear and best riding on flat terrain or pavements. They usually also have upright handlebars for good view of the surroundings and scenery. And they are commonly used for groceries shopping or beach dates.

BMX Bike

This bike is strong, simple and versatile. They are usually small framed and with small wheels as well. Commonly used for bike stunts as the front brakes are designed to allow the handlebars to spin without restrictions.

Mountain Bike

Designed for riding rough off road trails. They usually can have both flat and upright handlebars. (Depends on what use is it for.) Low gear range is available for cycling up steep slopes. Used for both touring and commuting bikes as well.


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