E-Scooter: Commute, Work, Leisure

E-Scooter: Commute, Work, Leisure

E-Scooter is the hot wheels nowadays. Be it commuting to work or out for leisure. But always remember to ride safe. BIGBOX have a range of scooters available right now in our Level 1!

Discover today a new way to travel fast, reliable, economical and ecological. And most importantly! Having fun and looking cool! All scooters available are great for any form for travelling. BIGBOX have 7 new models of E-scooter available now, in stores, AND web-store! Join in the trend and grab yours today. Where all the fun begins.

Airwheel Z3


Made with major materials like Magnesium and Aluminium Alloy, this Airwheel Z3 can load up to 100kg! This cool scooter can go up to 20km/h, travelling from place to place is now a breeze. In addition, the Airwheel Z3 comes in two different battery capacity of your choice. The wheels are made of pneumatic tyre for the front and solid tyre for it’s rear, and both about 8 inch thick.

With adjustable height, this scooter is suitable for young adults and above. Steering is not an issue! Take a look at the video below, BIGBOX is sure you will fall in love with it!

Now selling at $749 ONLY!
With $749, bring home this new scooter as a new form of transport and flaunt it to your buddies and make them jealous of you.

Booster E-TWOW


With the capability to climb a 25 degree slope, the Booster E-TWOW is a foldable electric scooter. In 3 easy steps and only a few seconds: Height Adjustable, Handlebar Folding , Main body folding and Automatic Unfolding Body! Weighing 10.5 kg, it can hold up to 125 kg load. In addition, it’s motor rated output 500W DC max with a brush-less motor.

This fast charging scooter only needs 1.5 hours to recharge and you’re all ready to go for another round! Most noteworthy feature would be with each charge, you can travel up to about 35 km distance.

Coolpower 10″ E-Scooter (10.4 AH)


Great competency when it comes to distance, going up to 50 km. With 3 different models to cater to different speed: 25km/h, 35km/h and 40-50km/h, you can choose from. Furthermore, it can hold up to 150kg. Not to mention, add another scooter seat for $68, now the scooter can take another passenger for convenience!

Going at $1,167, this luxurious ride is great for those who enjoy sitting and enjoying the breeze while travelling.

Come down and try the scooter for yourself.*
Or for the online range, take a look at our web-store for other scooters available.


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