Happy Deepavali 2016!

Happy Deepavali 2016!

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. (Deep = light, avali = a row). In other words, a row of lights. It radiates the streets with its brilliance, and dazzle looking splendor with all its joy.

Stories of Diwali

There are various stories that relate back to the festival of lights. Yet in each legend, myth and story of Deepavali, it lies the same significant. Of the Victory of Good over Evil; and it is with each Deepavali. In addition, the lights that illuminate the homes and hearts, that this simple gesture of finding new hopes.


Ooty Ponni Rice


Ooty Ponni Rice 5kg is now sold at $6.90, usual price is at $7.50.

Gold Winner Sunflower Oil 5L

Sunflower oil gold winner 5l

Contains PUFA (Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids) and vitamin E. It is light and suitable for all kinds of cooking. Gold Winner is made from the purest, food-grade certified ingredients.

Gold Winner Sunflower Oil 5L is now sold at $12.70, usual price is at $17.40.

Indian Cuisine in BIGBOX

Located at Level 3 of BIGBOX, the food court offers Traditional Indian Cuisine. Come check us out!

South Indian Cuisine – Mutton Briyani


What makes this dish so popular would be their specially steamed briyani rice and the thick mutton curry poured evenly over. The mutton curry is specially prepared by the chef with his special recipe and spices that he have picked them out on his own. The thick curry is so strong that it empowers the lamb’s gamey aroma, leaving your nose to smell just the awesome spices and tasting the tender mutton with curry bursting flavors in your mouth.

PAIR IT WITH: Teh Tarik, the pulling of tea and milk, and see how Uncle pulling performance never gets bored.

North Indian Cuisine – Tandoori Platter


Tandoori Platter consists of Dosa and naan bread with tandoori chicken with a few specialty sauces. The Dosa is a simple thin slice of pancake like finger food which is crispy at it’s end. The naan bread is a flat bread baked in the oven with a buttery taste, different from Dosa it is thicker. Complementing the taste of Tandoori chicken, with a stronger taste as it is well seasoned by Indian chef with many different kind of spices. Furthermore, their home recipe goes all the way back to India! Prepare to taste the authentic taste of India!

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BIGBOX wish all Hindu readers and valued customers a very Happy Deepavali 2016!

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