Zycom Zykster

Zycom Zykster

Designed for the 18-36 month old, the Zycom Zykster is the ultimate Balance Trike and Scooter in one. Easily transforms to transition with your child as they develop their balance, control and self confidence.

Look out for them at Level 1 in BIGBOX Outdoors section!

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Usual Price: $98
Promo Price: $78

Why Zycom Zykster?

This self-assembled bicycle is the best of both worlds. Kids enjoy scooting around, but as they grow older, they change them out to bicycles whereby the scooters are then chucked aside. Choosing Zycom Zykster, scooters are transformed to Balance Trikes. Balance trikes strive to aid kids to slowly learn a bicycle before getting an actual bicycle. It is almost like an in between for kids to slowly transit from scooters to a bicycle!

On a side note, Zycom Zykster comes in various bright and fun color combinations!



Scooter plays a minor role in cognitive development. Skills like learning how to use a kick scooter is not just about theory. Kids tend to think for themselves on how they should go about riding a scooter and not get injured. Which is good for developing their own cognitive challenges and overcoming them.

While overcoming the challenges faced, they gain confidence. It does not take long for kids to master riding a kick scooter. But the confidence built up knowing they can manage could probably entice them to attempt other skills, keeping the intriguing minds of little ones to explore further.

Balance Trike


The balance trike aims to nurture the child’s coordination and steering skills before learning how to pedal. The faith is that balancing is the focus to attaining the skills on how to ride a bicycle. A rider who masters the skill of stabilizing, slowly develops to a better rider on a pedaled bike.

Balance trike offers the young rider with upright position, using their feet to prevent or break in the even of falling. Since the traditional position of bicycles are upright, children will be able to adapt to bicycles easier and faster.


Available in bright and fun color combinations.

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