Abundance of Treasure – Abalone

Abundance of Treasure – Abalone

Abalone, a much-enjoyed delicacy. Taste just like between a scallop and squid with a crunchiness similar to conch, but closest sensation you get eating a jelly fish. Chocolates, oysters, lobsters and caviar all evoke a delectable and sensuous image, on par with other luxurious objects of desire such as champagne, perfume, diamonds and perhaps fur and Ferraris.


They are considered one of the 8 valuable sea goods. It belongs in a class almost as important as bird’s nest and other ingredients of that caliber. BIGBOX knows the importance of having abalones for reunion dinners! It is a MUST HAVE.



SUPERGRADE New Zealand Wild Abalone 2-pc Gift BoxAlmost the perfect gifts to fulfill your filial piety duties. Your parents or parents-in-law are bound to feel valued with this gift box. Superb for reunion dinners as well. Selling at $168.


Fortune 3 Ocean Set (425g): Chilean Shellfish Locos, Pacific Clams and Sea Asparagus.

If you are into variation, BIGBOX offers 3 different seafood as well, so you can enjoy a little of everything with your family! Selling at $33.80. You can buy this as a gift for the family when joining them for reunion dinner!



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