Agrobazaar at BIG BOX

Agrobazaar at BIG BOX

Raya is coming soon! And next thing you know, you have lots of things to prepare with such a short time. Especially when you need to prepare delicious food for your guests.

We have just the solution for you! Check out the Agrobazaar corner inside our hyper.mart Level 1. Lined with the best of Malaysian local Halal food from 13 states and with the latest addition with Verandah cafe, everyone can enjoy the delicious food in Big Box! Your Best Halal food destination. Stay tuned this blog page for more promotional updates!

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Singapore prides itself on being a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian grown and produced goods.

What is Agrobazaar?
Agrobazaar is an entity owned by FAMA (Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority) in Malaysia, which serves as a platform and as a marketing channel to introduce and market the locally produced food products of Malaysia.

What products is available in Agrobazaar?
One of the unique key selling points of Agrobazaar is that Agrobazaar brings you local Halal food products from 13 Malaysian states. Any customers who love Malaysian food will be thrilled with the wide variety of food. From coffee, sauces, frozen, biscuits, honey, cakes and much more!

Key highlight of products from each state

East Coast: Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang state, we have the Nasi Dagang, Kerepok Lekor, Kerepok, Serunding, drinks, and much more

North: Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang and Perak State, we have the Pak Ali Jeruk, Hiong Piah, coffee, sauces, honey, and much more

Central: Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, we have Kuah Kacang, curry, Sambal Tumis, Karipap, coffee, sauces, and much more

South: Melaka and Johor state, we have Asam Pedas, coffee, sauces, and much more

East Malaysia: Sabah and Sarawah state, we have the Semporna Sabah, layer cakes, coffee, sauces, and much more

Verandah Café
Located in beside the Agrobazaar corner, Verandah cafe offers shoppers a taste of local delights!
Try out some of their local speciality; Agro Penang Laksa for only $7.00. Savour the Agro Chendol original flavour for only $5.00 or durian flavour for only $6.00. And if you are feeling thirsty after all the shopping, try out their cold “air sirup” drink or hot drink for only $2.00!

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