Benefits of Honey – Liquid Gold

Benefits of Honey – Liquid Gold

Honey is a sweet loving thing, isn’t it? It can be made into a drink, eat it with toast for breakfast and simply so good that can be eaten on its own. There are a lot of health benefits when we start talking about Honey. Of which, they help soothe our throat and much other more. Below are some surprising facts that honey has in store for us and our mind and body!

Boost Memory

Antioxidants fully load the sweet nectar can assist prevent cellular damage and loss within the brain. Honey’s capability to assist the body intaking calcium can keep our brain healthy. In addition, the calcium is needed to process thoughts and make decisions in our everyday life!

Helps with Allergies

Honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to decrease allergy symptoms. It’s pollen produce anti-bodies hat will take care of the pollen. In other words, our bodies will build up a defense against that allergies, triggering the immune response, acting like a natural vaccine.

Energy Replenish

Due to the high carbohydrate load, honey is an excellent source of unprocessed sugar energy. The boost is triggered by the glucose and fructose that hits our bloodstream almost instantly. Just one or two tablespoon of raw honey per day keeps us moving! It’s just like how sugar rush works!

Better Sleep

As contradicting as it sounds, yes, it gives energy, but also gives us better sleep. Honey can advocate relaxation and aid us to sleep at night. The natural sugar found in honey increases insulin goes through a chemical reaction and produces melatonin – a chemical that helps your body sleep. Have a teaspoon of honey every evening as our bodies start to wind down.

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