Burmese Food in BIGBOX Level 1

Burmese Food in BIGBOX Level 1

Enjoy Traditional Burmese Food right in BIGBOX today! Prepared meticulously just for you. Enjoy the goodness of Myanmar today.

Of all the Asian cuisines that have spread globally, Burmese food hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves! So here’s a major shout out to the Traditional Burmese Food that is offered in BIGBOX, allowing you to try, enjoy and get hooked away by the dishes.

Located at Level 1, below we have picked a few of the famous dishes and urge you to try them out.


Sweet and Sour Shan Mee Shay With Minced Pork

The Shan are the second biggest ethnic group in Myanmar after the Bamar, and their cuisine can be found around the city of Mandalay and the famous Inle Lake.  The sweet and sour shan mee shay with minced pork is one of the Shan-inspired dishes. Meeshay, rice noodles dish combines meat sauce with noodles and lots of garnishes on the side! Simple yet flavorful!

Burmese Big Lime Salad


Burmese salads can be found in any shape or form. With various dressing, this salad brings out the sour and savory flavors. Traditional Burmese food allow the sour to dominate the dish as its one of their signature tastes.

Mandalay Rice Noodle Salad


Very popular and delicious rice noodles salad with chicken,  powder lime juice, and onion on the top called “Mandalay Moat Ti” or “Rice Noodle Salad (Mandalay)” or “Mandalay Special Noodle”. The silkiness of the rice noodles is simply irresistible. 

Banana.Box at Street Food

Other than main course dishes, there’s always room for desserts or some delicious bites!

Just at the border of Hyper.Mart you can check out the awesome bites that are available to satisfy your endless pit.


Come down and try Traditional Burmese Food and Bites today, just at BIGBOX Level 1.

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