Enishi, our Japanese Chef

Enishi, our Japanese Chef

Japanese restaurants are easily found in Singapore, but some are really pricey! So here in BIGBOX we have launched a superb alternative, where you can enjoy authentic Japanese food by a team of well trained and experienced Japanese Chefs at a value price! Best of both worlds isn’t it?

Our chefs came straight from Japan to Singapore to carve a career here on our beloved island, because they know that Singaporeans love good food. In their language: 20 years of experience working for 4-5 stars hotels and top restaurants, a passion for food and some unique family recipes.

Be a step closer to Japan. With head Chef Takashi Yabuuchi possessing more than a decade of experience, you are bound to be impressed by his culinary skills.

Chef Takashi Yabuuchi is born in Kobe, Japan. Well, his hobby would be cooking. Having worked in restaurants of famous hotels in Kobe, Kyoto and Ishikawa for more than 20 years, we are honoured to announce that he is the new chef of Enishi Traditional Japanese Cuisine!

Weekday Specials

Japanese lunch* set for only $7.90 and dinner* for only $9.90!
*Only on Monday till Friday, lunch from 11am – 2.30pm, dinner from 6pm – 9.30pm
Our set comes with:
🌟 Japanese rice
🌟 Chawanmushi or miso soup
🌟 Side dish of the day
🌟 Japanese green tea
Bonus! Desserts / side dish will be served for our dinner patrons


Having said that, we set up an interview with Chef Takashi Yabuuchi to know more about him.

Q: What are you hobbies?

A: Sorry, no surprise here: eating and drinking are my passions, also when i’m off work

Q: What do you do on your free days?

A: I do shopping for food, ingredients or even visit the kitchen appliances to check out new appliances I can use.

Q: Why have you chosen this dishes to be in the menu?

A: This café isn’t like a typical restaurant, with service charge and more focus on ambience.

At Enishi we focus on food. comfort food, always fresh and served fast and at attractive prices. it’s a perfect place for a lunch or to fuel up after work. for people who are looking for great food without the traditional long lines that seem to come with such food.

q: what are your signature dishes?

A: I love to prepare sobameshi, a traditional combination of fried noodles and fried rice, freshly prepare the hot teppanyaki plate in front of the customer.




Donburi Set


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There are 3 comments for this article
  1. Cherly Tan at 4:15 pm

    Hi I would like to hold my children birthday at in and out cafe. Can u send me quotation or suggestion?

  2. V at 8:10 pm


    It takes a team of chefs to create a good menu.
    I guess your chefs at in&out cafe do great we enjoyed the meal there.
    Was happy and impress with the western chef who serve us.
    I hope the enviorment would be better.
    Floor staff to be more interactive with guest rather then doing the normal duties.
    Maybe a heads up for the manager to do better in the future.
    Affordable prices for the cafe.
    Maybe there should be a logo for the cup, tissues or something like that. Look more intersting.
    We would come again.
    Thanks again to the western chef.


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