“I don’t want to know any good places to eat!” Says no one ever.

Here in BIGBOX, we have a variety of food to offer!

  • Level 1: RGB Twenty15
  • Level 2: In&Out Cafe
  • Level 3: Food Court

Level 1: RGB Twenty15

A Restaurant, A Grill, A Bar. That’s what the RGB stands for.
A great place to chill over a pint of beer, a place for gathering with good food.
This is a place with great atmosphere that wouldn’t disappoint anyone.

20160205_153144 20160205_153341

Below Gallery shows a few shots of the food that taste as amazing as it looks!



Level 2: In & Out Cafe

The In & Out Cafe features both Japanese and Western food! Take your pick of what you feel like eating today and enjoy. One can also have their cake and eat it too. So if your company doesn’t want to have Japanese dishes yet you have been craving all week, come down to In & Out Cafe where they can choose from Japanese or Western food! In addition, both taste awesome! Made for the heartlanders and all who love a simple meal!

Newly launched Seaberry Premium Tea! Feel free to check it out with our friendly staff.

Seaberry tea sachets

Western Food

Affordable and delicious western are available in In & Out Cafe as well. The Western Food chef does simple and well-made food, inclusive of soup, salads and mains!

Japanese: Enishi

Enjoy food for you and your family, even children are very welcomed in the cafe, there are kids menu exclusively for children to enjoy the right portion and paired with Yakult!


Level 3: Food Court

If you haven’t check out the dishes the Food Court has to offer! Ranging from Ipoh Hor fun to Thai mixed platter, enjoying the dishes is just an understatement.

To find out more, check it out here!


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