Air Fryer: Life Made Easier

Air Fryer: Life Made Easier

Who is afraid of grease splatter or splattering oil when cooking? Worry no more, the hassle-free Air Fryer is the answer to all your prayers. The Air Fryer is good for consumers who are both health conscious and food junkies. Air Fryer is the best of both worlds.

Body health is very much connected to diet and lifestyle. Health consciousness is now a major concern whenever one eats. In addition, attested crispy on the outside and tender on the inside and it’s tastier.

Rapid Air Technology

The Rapid Air Technology allows food cooked without oil by circulating heated air to high temperature, up to about 200ºC. In addition, the food cooked contains up to 70 to 80 percent less fat compared to traditionally deep fried food.

AKIRA AFR-650D rapid air tech

Furthermore, an air fryer can fry, roast, grill and bake. It is multi-functional. All can cook just about anything and everything and is tastier!

  1. Patented technology for fast and precise circulating hot air that imitates frying
  2. Patented starfish design for evenly cooked food without turning
  3. Grill element for perfect browning
  4. Optimal temperature profile to ensure food is tender inside

Benefits of Air Fryer

Fast cooking

If you have an on-going party and if snacks are running low, pop in the frozen food and start air-frying, it is not time consuming and every guest gets to eat piping hot bites!


Convenience of the timer, which meant stepping out of the kitchen to do other things and get back when the bell rings and pull out the tray, food is cooked and ready to be eaten.

Healthy meals

With minimum or no oil when frying the delicious food!

Featured Product:

Akira Air Fryer AFR-650D ( Black )


Akira Rapid Hot Air Technology works on the principal of the flowing heat in a compact container vertically to spread all over in the appliance to cook faster, better and saves energy. It makes your food crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Uses less or no oil to cook your favorite fried food.

AKIRA AFR-650D digital

With it’s digital display, showing the temperature and timer clearly, this is a very sophisticated high technology kitchen appliance. This compact designed Air Fryer is great to be placed on the counter of your kitchen.

AKIRA AFR-650D basket

The inner basket are easy to be removed from the fryer for cleaning. Even for cooking, you can place your food inside easily. Hassle-free frying is what the Air Fryer is for.

With so much benefits, what’s there to complain about? Grab yours online now at BIGBOX!

Do you want to know the full benefits of what the AKIRA Air Fryer can do for you & your family?

Come down to Big Box Electrical Dept ( Level 2 ) this weekend, we have Product Demo which we can show you how to cook delicious food with little or No Oil.

Buy at Big Box this week & we will give you Extra Surprises.

Start your healthy cooking today.
Watch a demo video here!



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