Choosing the right mattress size

Choosing the right mattress size

Sleeping with a partner may cause you to sleep lesser unknowingly. There may be a lot of restrictions when sleeping, in which in particular: space constraint. Your partner may be the main reason for causing disturbance to your quality sleep.
Show a range of our average King size, queen size, super single size and single size bed W and L.
Finding sumptuous comfort on your mattress is imperative, but it is not always just about its firmness. When sleeping, individuals tend to toss and turn about 40 to 60 times unknowingly to find an optimal sleeping style. If the size is not right, you might disturb your partner as both might feel restricted to move about or moving might have caused disturbance to another. Instead of these worries and adding on to your worry of falling off the bed and hit the ground at night, take a look at how you can find a suitable size of the mattress for yourself.


Body staying within the bed is sort of the unspoken rule that everyone knows. Well, for a satisfying sleep, you should always make sure your legs aren’t hanging over the mattress end. An ideal mattress should be about 30 cm longer than your body length, allowing space for your bed and leg and still stay within the perimeter of the mattress.


To have sufficient space for tossing and turning, the recommended mattress width should be at least 90cm. Any constrictor than this will deprive you of space and unable to relax when you sleep.

Most mattresses sold in Singapore are made according to the standard Singaporean mattress sizes, but feel free to approach our staff to clarify which type it is if you’re not sure.

Usual Singapore Mattress Size guide

Singapore Mattress Sizes
Size Width (cm) Length(cm)
King 183 190
Queen 152 190
Super Single 107 190
Single 91 190
Twin 99 191
Tip: If you do not intend to buy a new bed frame, ensure you check the size of your bed frame before purchasing a new mattress.

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