Cot to big bed – Growing up

Cot to big bed – Growing up

When it is finally the time for your precious baby to graduate from the cot to a bed? There a lot of options and factors to consider before settling what you might think is the best for them.

Some commonly asked questions would be:

  1. How old should I move my kid from cot to bed?
  2. What kind of bed or mattresses best suit a growing kid?
  3. What bed size should I get? Does size even matter?

Put a hold on your doubts and considerations, below are some questions answered for your reference.

  1. How old should I move my kid from cot to bed?

The usual transition of moving from a cot to a bed is about 18 to 36 months. If your child is growing fast, be it in terms of height or weight, the cot might not be able to withstand your fast growing child.

Safety come first. Whenever you deem fit, check the maximum weight limit the cot can withhold. As for height, as long as your child have sufficient space for growth it should not be a pressing problem. If the space of your child is very minimum, change to a bed as soon as possible. Children tend to grow quickly, therefore try not to squeeze them in a restricted sleeping area. Once the change is made from cot to bed, your child will no longer be able to hurt himself or herself by trying to climb out of the cot and fall if they wake up in the middle of night and try get your attention. A bed is relatively lower as compared to a cot’s height.

  1. What kind of bed or mattresses best suit a growing kid?

The importance of mattress or bed should never be forgotten. A growing child’s spine needs sufficient support to minimize stress, allowing to grow without limitations or hindrance. A budding spine on kids are very malleable, therefore during their sleeping hours, spine alignment is very important. Growing children usually need about 10 to 14 hours of sleep every night, depending on their age, which is considered relatively higher compared to a full grown adult.

A good quality innerspring mattress is usually recommended as it grants a better and more natural development of shaping a budding spine. Note that the mattress has to be soft enough to be comfortable, yet firm enough to prevent them from completely sinking into it.

Most people also neglect the importance of a bed frame. A bed frame with guards are optional but advisable to make sure a child does not roll out of it at night and giving them a cushy feeling to their cot, on the other hand, you can make sure the guards are removable when they grow up. Some advises were to get a toddlers’ bed but it’s not necessary as the difference between toddlers’ bed and a normal bed would be guards.

  1. What bed size should I get? Does size even matter?

A child tend to weigh lesser than an adult, therefore the lifespan of a newly bought mattress could be a little longer than the adults, it can actually last up to about 10 years! Even though your child is small size now, consider in factors like this before purchasing a new mattress when doing the transition.



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