Furniture Top Brands: Castilla

Furniture Top Brands: Castilla

For more than 30 years Castilla brings you the best of Italian furniture design. Castilla stands for pure luxury and style, paired with unparalleled craftsmanship. Exquisite leather, marble and the best fabrics: come to see and touch what Castilla luxury really means.

Castilla combines the timeless, neoclassical appeal of top Italian designs with the contemporary comfort and style. Behind each Castilla product lies is a world of experienced craftsmanship and superior standard of quality. Castilla brings the best of Italian flair into your home with a range of fine furnishings designed and crafted by Italy’s leading ateliers.

All of these characteristics can be present in your home too with a visit to our Castilla showroom at Big Box Level 3, one of the largest furniture showrooms in Singapore. Convenient parking and casual lunch and dining options will make this an unforgettable visit.


Ready to get to know Castilla better?
Visit the Castilla Showroom at Big Box Level 3, next to Jurong East MRT Station
Or visit the exclusive Castilla website

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