Newest Addition of Furniture

Newest Addition of Furniture

New additions are here in our BIGBOX furniture, we are constantly increasing our range to ensure you get the best range of furniture to choose from with us.

For Your Living Room

Living room is almost the space where interactions are done most of the time. Guests spend so much time, therefore,

Manitora Coffee Table


A coffee table is many things for many functions: A place to chill back with a drink, a footrest, somewhere to stash your favorite magazines. And of course for the most oblivious reason of all, would be a fact that it is a beautiful decorative addition to your living room. Buy one now!

Usual Price at $988, now at $499 (50% OFF!)
Dimension: 120 cm (L) x 60 cm (D) x 35 cm (H)

Manitoba TV Console


TVs are no longer that bulky box placed on the table exclusively. A TV console has since evolved together with the advancing technology, it has changed to cater to the new needs. With a wide 198 cm in length, the TV sits perfectly in the middle. With cupboards and storage spaces, other TV accessories ranging from game consoles to DVD Players can be kept hidden away to avoid clutters. Check it out in our webstore now!

Usual price at $1398, now at $699 (50% OFF!)
Dimensions: 198 cm (L) x 40 cm (D) x 55 cm (H)

For Dining Room

Dining room is where people get together to enjoy a sumptuous meal. With Christmas round the corner, its always a good idea to get a new dining table! Look at our featured furniture today.

Ottawa 5Pcs Extendable Marble Dining Set


This petite piece can never belittled! The pretty marble gives a tinge of elegance to your dining room, looking sophisticated.

The hidden and star feature of the Ottawa Marble Dining set would be the ability to extend the table top from 100 cm to 160 cm. And that is another additional 50 cm in length. A great piece for Christmas gatherings too! With bigger family and friends coming over to celebrate the joyous occasion. This piece is a perfect fit.

Furthermore, the dining set comes with 4 chairs, when extended, you can always purchase additional stools from us too!

Usual price at $1998, now at $999 (50% OFF!)
Dimensions: 110-160 cm (L) x 90 cm (D) x 76 cm (H)

Check out our Bargain Deals, this week we are featuring stools!

Bargain Prices for Furniture

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