Panasonic Year End Sale

Panasonic Year End Sale

We’re proud to announce that Panasonic has chosen Big Box to set up their road show to bring their best promos to Jurong East. That means that all the latest models are on display, with Panasonic experts on hand to answer every question you might have. And of course: super attractive prices!

At the Road Show you’ll find TVs, refrigerators, washing machines and personal care products, to name a few. Let’s have a look at Panasonic TVs first…

Why Choose Panasonic?

We’ve invited a few special guests to explain to you what makes Panasonic TVs so special for them, have a look…

So now you know: Panasonic TVs stand out when it comes to picture quality, delivering movies to your room just like the movie makers intended.

Come to the Panasonic Year End Sales Road Show at Big Box to convince yourself about the stunning picture quality, but also about the ease of use and the load of smart options.

Of course we guarantee you that our prices are lower than you expect. The already attractive Panasonic Year End Sales prices now get even better with our Instant Rebate Big Box Vouchers!


Shop online today!


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