Air Conditioning Service: Beat the Heat!

Air Conditioning Service: Beat the Heat!

Beat the heat!  Now that the hot season is here again, the first step to beat the heat is to make sure your air conditioner is in perfect condition. Now is the right moment to call your air conditioning service team to clean your system. A well maintained aircon means that it takes less time to get the room temperature down, it takes less electricity to do so and the air you and your family breathe at home will be healthier too.

Why do aircon systems need a regular cleaning job?  When the hot and humid Singaporean air is blown through the fan coil, it is normal that water condensates inside the unit. Usually this water is clean, but the dust and micro particles in the air stick to the condensation water and over time start to cover the evaporation unit. Dirty water drips into the drainage tray and leaves the system via the drainage pipes. But again: overtime these pipes might get clogged with dirt and your drainage tray or pan overflows. Not all the dust from the air reaches the evaporation unit: a lot is caught by the air filters and those filters need a regular cleaning too.

Regular cleaning, what is included?  In the video below you get a good impression what a regular aircon cleaning job means.

  • Check and clean the air filters, front panels, louvers and covers.
  • Check, clean, deodorise and purify filters with water and deodoriser.
  • Check and clean indoor evaporator coils.
  • Check and clean the indoor drainage tray/pan.
  • Suction cleaning of the drainage system, to remove those nasty clogs that cause your fan coil to start leaking after a while.
  • Check the entire system and outdoor condenser unit.
  • Check and tighten all electrical wire terminal connections.
  • Test the system operation after servicing.

Regular cleaning or chemical cleaning?  If you bring in the air conditioning service team every 3-4 months you usually can opt for regular aircon cleaning. But if your aircon has not been serviced for a long period a chemical cleaning might be necessary. When you make an appointment with the Coolbox Air conditioning Service Team, you can book a regular service pack. On site they can advise you in case a chemical cleaning is required, the decision is always yours.

A SGD 9 cleaning job, what’s the trick?  You might have seen advertisements for unbelievable cheap aircon servicing jobs, some as low as SGD 9. How is that possible? Labor is not cheap in Singapore and transportation not either. So how does this work? Upselling seems to be the magic word here. As soon as those cheap teams arrive at your home they inform you that your system is low on “gas” or refrigerant and needs immediate top up to avoid further damage. You believe these “specialists” and up goes your bill.

Coolbox charges SGD 28 per fan coil unit (minimal 2 FCU per visit, which is SGD 56). This is a competitive low price and there is no need to make this profitable by upselling on the spot. By providing you with excellent service at a competitive price, a long term relationship is our goal.

Why wait any longer, book your appointment now. You can book the Coolbox Service Team for an air conditioning cleaning service at your HDB, condo or landed property via the Big Box website. After we have received your booking we will contact you by phone to set the exact time for the job.


Alternatively, you can also call Coolbox for a booking at 6801 6535, also the number to dial if you have any questions left

Make your booking today and in no time your family can beat the heat again and breathe cleaner air too!

Offer is Air conditioning service for SGD 28 per Fan Coil Unit (FCU), minimal 2 FCU per address.

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