Traditions of Spring Cleaning CNY

Traditions of Spring Cleaning CNY

Every year you hear your parents screaming at you for not cleaning up your room for Chinese New Year. But did you know what is the tradition or reason being spring cleaning other than hygiene purpose?

Spring cleaning is also known as 扫除 (sao chu) in Chinese. It is an important custom signifying clearing of the old to welcome the new. Home is swept clean prior to the New Year Celebrations. In which, traditionally bamboo leaves are used in the belief that this would drive out the evil spirits.

It is also customary not to sweep on the first day of lunar year itself – lest good luck be swept away.

Therefore spring cleaning is very important duty to signify the clearing of old and welcoming the new. Or to remove the bad luck and welcome prosperity. There are a lot of ways to decipher the meaning behind it. But all are to welcome the better upcoming year. After cleaning people will go shopping and buy new clothes for the festival.

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