EXPO@BIGBOX : The Making of….

EXPO@BIGBOX : The Making of….

EXPO @ BIGBOX halls, huge event not be missed! The long awaited suspense is now over! Doors open TODAY! Rush in and grab everything you see, and still save your pockets!

Seeing is believing, check us out today! Just at Jurong East MRT, and walking distance.

Check out some of the items that we have!


Exclusive For Members!


So good news if you are a member! Purchase with purchase available exclusively for you!

This week Big Box will bring a whole new shopping sensation to Jurong East: EXPO@BIGBOX.

EXPO@BIGBOX: Fashion for men, ladies and kids, stationary, books, gifts, collectibles, housewares, bedding, linen , outdoor, sports, luggage, travel accessories, chocolates and candies, health supplements, toys, just to name a few of the products you’ll find at the EXPO@BIGBOX. Amazing items on sale, with discounts of  up to 80%!
Oh yes, and a remote controlled racing track for kids! There is Something For Everyone! Over 50,000 items up for grabs!

EXPO@BIGBOX will open its doors on Thursday 17 November at 11:00 am. Right now we are busy building up the event. Scroll down to get a sneak preview of what’s coming. Next update on Wednedsay before lunch.


Tuesday morning 10:00 am: our expo team rolls in over a thousand empty wagons and starts to prepare Mega Event Hall B at Big Box for the ultimate shopping event…
10 am

Tuesday afternoon 2:00 pm: our first suppliers start to bring in their goods. This will go on for the next 36 hours, until we’re ready to open the doors for you.
3 pm

Wednesday morning 9:00 am: till late yesterday night vendors filled the wagons with new products, and we’re not done yet. It’s a huge job to fill so many wagons with great deals. Excitement is building, because in a few hours the price signs will be unveiled. That’s when we see how spectacular these offers really are!

wed 9 am

Wednesday afternoon 3:00 pm: More and more items are up today. Looking at all these items are just so tempting. Are you ready for all the jaw-dropping deals for you to grab this weekend? This is just a sneak peak, there are more to come. Please note this aren’t for the faint hearted! Paradise awaits for all the shopaholics!


Don’t miss a thing, stay tuned for the latest updates.

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Too many great deals…

With over a thousand store wagons full of great deals it’s hard to choose. Here you’ll find a small selection of the many deals we have for you. And don’t worry, we’ll keep adding more for you!

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