Laundry Loft – Diwali Dry Cleaning Promotion

Laundry Loft – Diwali Dry Cleaning Promotion

Once an elegant piece of fabric is bought it demands extensive care for it! Risking it being ruined through improper storage or wash is the worst. Therefore, the best shot of not ruining this exquisite piece of clothing is Dry Cleaning. The Laundry Loft is proud to present you Diwali Dry Cleaning Promotion!


As Deepavali is drawing nearer, Saree and Salwar Kameez are tailor made or needed to be prepare for this joyous festival. Instead of worrying the washing methods being a chore. Dry cleaning is always the best option for both. Therefore, choose the professionals to do the chore instead!

Laundry Loft

The Laundry loft is located at the outside of the mall, any BIGBOX staff dressed in orange would be glad to re-direct you if you are lost.

In addition, BIGBOX offers Dry Cleaning Promotion just for Saree and Salwar Kameez!

Other than dry cleaning, the Laundry Loft do offer other services: Self Service Coin Laundry and Wash + Iron.


With dry cleaning prices as low as:

  • Saree from $11
  • Salwar Kameez from $8

Promotion ends on 6 November 2016. You can even wash it after the festival to ensure clean keeping!

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