Mattress Fair

Mattress Fair

Always enjoy a good rest with this greatly supported mattress decked with individual pocketed spring, plush with knitted fabric for extra comfort! In Big Box, we offer a huge range of mattresses for everyone to choose from with savings up to 70%! Come on down and check out our mattress at Sleep Academy Level 2!

Reasons to get your Mattress at Big Box

More Than 24 Mattress Brands

Yes! This time we are bringing in more than 24 notable mattresses brands such as BIA, Simmons, Dunlopillo, Slumberland, Tempur, Vono. Best part, you can get the mattress from as low as $199!

Top 5 Mattress Offers!

Our this week Hot Mattress Deals. Find out more at Sleep Academy Level 2 today!

Free $100 Furniture Cash Voucher

And on top of those already attractive prices, we are handing out a $200 FURNITURE CASH VOUCHER ($150 Furniture Cash Voucher & $50 Habitat Accessories Voucher) to every customer who spends* or deposit at least $1,000 on mattress purchase. You can instantly redeem this voucher on your next purchase, so this is perfect if you plan to buy multiple items. Happening this weekend on 22 and 23 July 2017.

Plus, you can do Purchase with Purchase on our Assorted Storage Bed frame for only $52. when you purchase a minimum of $1,500 on mattresses! Just visit our Sleep Academy to find out more. Hurry! This offer is only valid on 5 and 6 Aug 2017.

Bedroom Storage Solutions

Need more space for your bedroom? We have just the solutions for you! Storage bed are handy when you need to keep your extra luggage, blankets, pillows, your kid’s toys and it is perfect for your home. Only at Big Box, our storage bed is going for $599. Check and test out at our Sleep Academy Level 2 or Level 3 today!


0% Interest Instalment Plan

Worry about your budget? We have just the solutions for you. Convert your mattress purchases with the 0% Intrest Instalment Plan. Check out below on the participating banks. Need more info? Just approach our sales team at Sleep Academy Level 2.

Customise your Wardrobe!

With the customisation, you can store clothes, pillows, blankets and much more neatly! And thus makes your bedroom looks neater and more spacious. We can customise the wardrobe according to your style and design. All our wardrobes come with 5 years warranty.

I need Scratch Proof Wardrobe

Need a long lasting and scratch proof wardrobe? Look no further! Just visit our Sleep Academy Level 2 and ask for the scratch proof wardrobe.

For Future Investment

Having a good sleep helps to boosts our health, brain capacity, and productivity level. And to do that you definitely need a good quality mattress. Studies show that buying a quality mattress, that provides comfort and support for your body such as gel memory foam mattress, increases your tendency to get adequate sleep every night. At Big Box we have many kinds of the mattress for you to choose from. Read the 5 steps to mattress buying here.

Dedicated Team

Rest assured that we have a dedicated professional team who knows all about mattresses. Come to our Sleep Academy at Level 2 and our team will be there to answer most of your questions. See below for our storage bed and wardrobe offers from our dedicated team!

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