No Brand comes to Big Box!

No Brand comes to Big Box!

Two weeks ago we launched No Brand in Singapore: the sensation from Korea, which is winning hearts of shoppers all over South East Asia now too. It’s all based on a simple formula: every day products at high quality for minimal prices.

We first launched a line of food products, which was an instant hit and sold out in 10 days. Don’t worry. New stocks came in already. This week we expand the No Brand line with a series of non-food products, most of them focused on personal hygiene and cleaning.

Never heard of No brand? Let us introduce No Brand…

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 14.46.55“No Brand. Made for consumer” is No Brand’s core value.

No Brand’s philosophy is to help our consumers understand that the real value lies in the quality of the product and not in the brand name.

The best way you become a smart-consumer.

No Brand wants to help with daily goods for consumers. That’s the main reason why  the ‘No Brand Project’ was launched in Korea. And it’s the main reason that Big Box will bring No Brand to you, in Singapore.

No Brand offers the best price and quality through optimized manufacturing processes with the best materials and ingredients. No Brand gets rid of any unnecessary process and elements except goods’ fundamental functionalities and qualities.

No Brand’s cores are not only Right-Reliable-Reasonable price also trustful quality, proper recipe and taste, simple functionalities and designs.

Our final goal is Made for Consumer which is smart and reasonable without unnecessary branding works.

No Brand is making an effort to reduce unnecessary packaging cost of goods.

No Brand has a pure focus on product’s fundamentality, because splendid and colorful graphics increase unnecessary cost. With these savings, No Brand will re-invest on quality and functionality. No Brand’s package design is a simple harmony of yellow and black color and minimises costly fancy quality images. No Brand communicates its stories with simple hash-tags (#). No Brand consumers can share their personal experience and feeling of No Brand voluntarily.

No Brand is brought to new stores with RRP (Retail Ready Packaging), which will keep the store costs under control with “Lowest Cost Operation”. Again, this translates into further savings for our consumers.

And now No Brand has landed at Big Box. A natural match: Big Box fully supports the No Brand vision and we are excited to be the first in The West to bring our customers No Brand. We’ll start with a selection of their most popular food products and slowly extend our range of No Brand products with non-food items too.

We’re looking forward to see you at our No Brand Pop Up Store, at Big Box Level 1, next to the hyperMart.

Here are some of the No Brand products available at Big Box this week.
Now extended range with non-food products too.

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