Your Comfort is our Priority

Your Comfort is our Priority

Comfortability is most of the consumers’ concern when purchasing a sofa. Besides a sofa aren’t that cheap that you can change frequently. BIGBOX offers comfort as top concerns with our top highlights products. Save and feel just as comfortable as you can right here with us.

Samuel 3+2 Recliner Sofa

Soft to touch, the outer surfaces are covered in a durable fabric with recliner functions. The built-in recliner is easy to fold in and out. Just pull the handle to fold it out! Extra comfort for your feet and your body!

Only Available in stores. So come down and check out this package!

UP: $1,988; NP: $899

Steve 3 Seater Recliner Sofa

Made with robust base and covered in half leather, the recliner allows you to sit back and sink into the relaxation with adjustable feet rest.

UP: $2,698; NP: $1,399

Danely 2 Seater Sofa



Made with comfortable pre-approved fabrics according to AHFA standards, the wrapped over high quality foam Danley sofa is durable with its great frame work.

UP: $1,398; NP: $599

Enjoyment may be seen as a luxury nowadays, but in BIGBOX, we know the importance of enjoyment and savings.

BIGBOX doors open at 11am on Monday to Thursday. And 10am on Friday to Sunday. Come down and visit us for more information or more deals available!
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