Week 45 – HyperMart deals

Week 45 – HyperMart deals

This week we are launching a series of different deals just for you. Do more with BIGBOX this weekend. Therefore, BIGBOX is more than glad to lighten your burden!

Top Picks of this week Hyper.Mart Deals!



Blueberries are real good fruits. Especially when they do not need to be cut or peeled! Just wash and dish them out in a bowl. Everyone in the family can grab one to go! These bite sized fruits aren’t just sweet bursting full of goodness, they have so much benefits that ensure our body is healthy! Going at only $3.40 for every box of 125g! While with great benefits, enjoy sweetness with such a low price!

Benefits of Blueberries

Benefits of Blueberries


G7 3 in 1 Coffee

G7 3 in 1 coffee (100s x 16g) at $13.50 per bag. (Save $1.40)

Benefits of Coffee

A lot of us wake up to the aromatic smell of coffee. But what if you were in a rush and do not have time to wait for the coffee to stop dripping? Fear not. The G7 3 in 1 rich, fragrant coffee is great for all.

Coffee offers a range of surprising benefits to us. It is more than just a morning wake up call. In which also includes: Energy boosting, weight loss, protective effects on liver and help fight depression and many more!

Nestle Milo

Nestle 3 In 1 Milo (18s x 27g) at $6.25 per bag.

MILO speaks for itself. The delicious morning, afternoon, night, anytime break beverage. Yummylicious throughout the day with this promotion! And hey, BIGBOX is giving out free Julie’s 250g biscuits for every 2 bags of Milo purchased!*

* Terms and conditions applied


On BIGBOX newly launched web-store, all items could be found, online shopping has never been easier.
Especially with the new look, the web store has never been easier to navigate! Check out our on-going promotions.

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If you prefer Snacks, do check out our online store for the awesome snacks that are available!

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