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Take a look at our great deals below! And BIGBOX is introducing new Korean products too!

Eggs 30s


Eggs are high in quality protein, with all the essential Amino Acid. On the other hand, egg consumption consistently leads to elevated levels of HDL (the “good”) cholesterol, which is linked to a reduced risk of many diseases.

Most noteworthy would be the fact that they can be cooked in so many ways! As well as baking a cake or cupcake, buy these eggs this week for baking would be a great deal.

Now at $3.85 for 30 eggs! (Usual Price: $4.50)

Golden Eagle Thai Fragrant Rice 10KG



Golden Eagle Thai Fragrant Rice is harvested from rice grown in the North Eastern region of Thailand. With the ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil, it is well known to be the best area for rice planting. This rice is soft and fragrant when cooked.

For $23.90 , you can bring this 10kg sack of rice home! (Usual Price: $29.20)

No Brand

Introducing to you the iconic No Brand Korea products that are newly added to BIGBOX Hypermart.

Chocochip cookies that are so yummylicious and irresistible. This weekend BIGBOX has sampling for the cookies, try them out before purchasing, we are sure you will purchase more than a bucket!

Only at $5.90, bring it home now!

No Brand comes to Big Box!

UOB Cardholders


*Terms and conditions applied

BIGBOX is proud to announce that all UOB cardholders can now enjoy more benefits when shopping with us!


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