Feeling Sexy – Lingerie For Sales

Feeling Sexy – Lingerie For Sales

The emphasis on getting a properly fitting bra. Yes, it will make your breasts look better, but there are consequences to bear if you have been torturing your breast by wearing the wrong bras. Unknowingly, almost up to 80% of the girls wear the wrong bra size!

Did you know?

  • Wearing your bra wrongly can over a prolonged span of time actually make you look bulkier because it flatten your flesh together and creates weird and hideous lumps
  • Back fat and underarm fat is produced when wearing the wrong bra
  • If you wear the right type of bra early, you’re less likely to sag later on
  • Wearing the wrong underwear is basically uncomfortable and makes you grumpy

Tips for a Perfect Fit

  • The cup should lie flat.
    • If it doesn’t, it isn’t the right size.
  • Raise your arms, if the bra moves as you raise, it is too small.
  • If the underwire pinches your arms, you need a smaller cup.
  • The back of your bra should be parallel with the bottom of your breast.
    • If it’s above the line, you need a bigger cup.


In BIGBOX, we have a range of products to uplift your mood! Come and visit our Lingerie Fair at Atrium L2. Happening today till 5 February 2017.

With brands like Pierre Cardin, Sorella, Young Hearts and much more, you could take a look at the lingerie we have to offer. Other than a normal seductive bra or plain bras, we also offer sports bra for a good workout!

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