L.A. Girls Concealer

L.A. Girls Concealer


L.A. Girl offers beauty without compromise and beauty for all. In which, they are founded in 1985, the brands original ethos still stands story beauty.

BIGBOX is proud to present you a sneak preview of what is to be launched here! The HD Pro Concealer are now in stores at $9 each!

Uses of Concealer

A concealer is very essential to many girls, even to those who do not does make up daily! A blemish scar is very noticeable on our bare skin, or sometimes an outbreak! A concealer’s duty is to help alleviate the imperfection, having an almost flawless skin.

Bringing you a range of concealers. Each for different purpose and blemish to be covered up! Ensure perfection and flawless skin. Providing a complete and natural finish. The coverage helps to even out the skin tone.

How to use a concealer

  1. Choose a color one of two shades lighter than your complexion.
  2. Apply to clean, makeup-free skin with a brush or your finger tip for best results. (If using finger tip, remember to tap it to blend it out a little)
  3. Top with loose powder to set it.
  4. Re-apply if necessary.

Color Guide

Orange Corrector Neutralizes dark spots for medium/deep skin tones.
Green Corrector Neutralizes redness.
Lavender Corrector Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones and sallowness.
Peach Corrector A lighter version of our popular Orange Corrector -conceals blue/purple undertones on fair skin
Light Yellow Corrector Corrects dullness caused by blue undertones and brightens under eye circles.
Highlighter A delicate, pearlescent finish that illuminates your face with a beautiful glow.


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