Ladies’ Shopping Spree

Ladies’ Shopping Spree

Suzanne Betro


Suzanne Betro is fashion line that invokes western appeal. Started out in 2003, considered new in the industry yet they are trendy enough to keep up with the rest of the fashion stores. They target to provide looks for contrasting lifestyle and cater to a large array of customers’ preference.


Targeted to appeal a broad demographic, Suzanne Betro offers a variety of trendy clothing.

The different collections are all designed to the particular needs of women from 20s to 40s. In addition, the pieces are styled to be savvy and trendy, yet affordable and value driven.

Suzanne Betro offers a variety of trendy clothing in 3 different collections.

Pretty Sweet

Deck in a sweet yet elegant look, Suzanne Betro allows girls to dress ready for work yet still have the inner sweet little girl style without the childish. Most noteworthy, it is even perfect for a dinner after work!

City Glamour


Trendy chic look for girls who prefer less feminine, yet leaving a touch of stylish. Furthermore, with looks like these, you will never get bored of dressing up for work every day.



With a tinge of bohemian style, the prints on the clothing bring out a less formal look, yet great for any event. A date during the weekends, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.  In conclusion, a versatile outfit is something everyone could ask for!

10% off selected apparels!

Good news is that BIGBOX is launching Suzanne Betro fashionable clothing! Hope you can find something for yourself and upsize your wardrobe. Keep up with the latest trend with us!
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Surfers Paradise became one of the leading beach lifestyle surfwear brands in Australia and evolved into a thriving international clothing brand. Slowly they have become a leading apparel supplier in departmental stores. The brand has also expanded into its own retail stores. Surfers Paradise continues to bring forward the Surf Culture and lifestyle by translating into trendy casual apparel.


Beach wears are very common in Singapore, especially for sun lovers!

Below are some top picks they have for the awesome ever summer season in Singapore.

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BIGBOX has a range of Surfers Paradise ladies clothing. Looking stylish and cheerful!
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ZALORA Clearance Sales highlights

Zalora is a very well known brand in Singapore for clothing! Well, BIGBOX is having clearance sales right now! While stocks last.

Starting from just $10, come down and grab new clothes for your wardrobe. Start dressing better today.


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