Smart Office Wear: Every Guy Should Have

Smart Office Wear: Every Guy Should Have

Though styles changes with time, classic office wear still generally remains. Here is our guide to help our male shoppers on picking a suitable shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories either for work or play. Remember, creating a good first impression at all time is important! Check out our men’s collection at Atrium L1 or style.Box L1 today.



First of all picking a blazer. Every man over the age of 25 should own a blazer. Blazer helps to identify your professionalism and portray your confidence level. And blazer can go with any colour or clothing, even with a T-shirt. In short, it is useful to have one in your wardrobe because it is so easy to style.


Tips: If you button your suit jacket and it pulls across your abdomen, making an “X” shape in the fabric, then your suit is too small. The same is true if there’s pulling between your shoulders



Next is office shirts. Finding the right work shirts can be challenging at times. One must take note what design and colours shirts, blazers and pants bought earlier so that the new ones won’t clash. Personally, go for the simple, plain and classic shirt, as this is easier for you to mix and match and keep track of!


Tips: If you can fit 2 fingers inside of your buttoned collar, then it is fit. The shirt’s seam should sit at your shoulder bone. Cuffs should fall two cm from your wrist bone.



Extra! For those who are working with an organisation or company that practices casual or dress-down Friday. Polo shirts are the right one for you! It is an ideal office wear that every man should have at least a few of in his closet. Best of all, Polo shirts go well with both jeans and trousers.



Thirdly the trousers. Choosing the right trousers can be nasty. Bear in mind choose trousers that fit your body shape is the best solutions! Slim men can look great in a pair of trousers with front pleats that fit perfectly on the hips. Larger men should aim for wide legs with flat fronts to make the leg appear longer. Boot cut trousers are great for shorter men.
Tips: Pick simple colour; grey, black or navy, and try out with different other shirts to see it match



Next, a stylish footwear to goes with your office attire! Every man needs a few pairs of good looking shoes for most occasions, but if you choose the right few, you can wear them for years. You can have the best suit but if your shoes are not the right match, you might as well not wear them at all.
Tips: Always try out with both shoes and walk around to see if your feet is comfortable


Stylish Working Bags

Last but not least, a working bag to suit your style! Everyone needs a working bag, either for work or gym.

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