Shave It Club here in BIGBOX

Shave It Club here in BIGBOX

Ever want to look suave? With a very nice clean shave? Or a masculine beard?
Instead always end up shaving everything off because it does not turn out as well?

Stay Classy.

Welcoming The Shave It Club: Man Cave

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Shave It Club offers great cutting and hot towel shaving services. A group of 5 barbers whom are experienced in this industry have set out to take up the responsibility of hair styles.

Choosing to set up here in BIGBOX with the reason being most of gentlemen hair barbershop are opened in the East. Hence, the Man Cave Cut and Shave is officially opened in West!

Westies are most welcomed to join the Shave It Club and get a new haircut or shave mustache and beard to look sexy and masculine. Most noteworthy, in-house products are sold here too!

Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (Every Day!)


The very suave barbers at their stations!


Serious barber at work.


Prices as above.

Why choose Man Cave, Cut and Shave?

In the 21st century, men slowly became aware of their personal style. A good haircut completes your style and highlights your image.

At Shave It Club, Man Cave, the exclusivity to enjoy a good hot towel shave is offered. Get a new stylish look and feel confident about your look. Many may wonder why having a good haircut is very important, isn’t a bad haircut just going to outgrow itself to able to re-style it? Yet this is actually a bad misunderstanding. As a result, a good hair cut ensure hair to look glamorous even after weeks.

Exclusive Products

In addition to the awesome services that were offered, Shave It Club have their own line of products for sale as well!


Hanz En Karmik Pomade: Scented ointment or oil for dressing up the hair


Hanz En Karmik Wax: Assist in holding your hair in position


Rhassoul Clay: Incredible for face mask and hair treatment


Shaving Kit: Grab your own shaver to keep yourself in check.


The Bluebeards Revenge Pre-Shave Oil: Glide your shaver effortless to have a clean shave.



Shave It Club T-shirts: Selling at $25
Nalo Street Wear T-shirts: Selling at $35

Children’s Day Special

Specially for the Children’s Day weekend, therefore Shave It Club are offering 10% off for father and son shaving or hair cut! Do head down and have a stylish hair cut and walk out as satisfied as our customers!

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Be part of the Shave It Club:

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